Good Vibes
"She got them longgg legs"
1. The love I have for you is fucking unbelievable – please don’t ever leave me. Or if you do make sure it’s for a valid reason. Don’t leave me for someone else, please. I-I think that would kill me. Really kill me. I don’t think I’d leave my room for fucking months if you fell in love with someone else. The thought is so fucking unbearable! So fucking ridiculous. Yet I still think it’s going to happen – why!?
2. Stop caring so fucking much – I need to keep to myself and focus on school for once. Engage in conversation with people, but not too much; fucking focus on school. Don’t fail. Don’t fall into sadness again. That is the last thing that is going to happen. My happiness comes before school. And his. His happiness comes before mine; mine comes before school. (Though if he’s done something completely stupid, unhealthy, un-beneficial etc., fucking speak to him about it. Things wont resolve if you keep them hidden.)
3. Okay. Learn to trust people. You are going to have a difficult life if you can’t trust him to be around another girl for 5 minutes. If you feel you can’t trust him around her, you need to leave him. Even if it hurts you. If you can learn to trust him, to just not give a shit, then fantastic.
4. I need to not give a shit about anything except school and people close to me. Mainly him. But also school. Stop caring about things – stop fucking thinking all of the time! It’s going to damage you. Fucking stop it. Replace your thoughts with alternative and more positive things. Let things go. They will come back to haunt you if you don’t.
5. Study. Do well in school. Get a good half year report. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO EVERYONE ELSE. Especially other girls – you don’t want to go through all of high school nervous. Just fucking live through it. Fake happiness. Fake it until you fucking make it. You’ll get there eventually.
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I don’t even know who you are anymore


Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

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